3D-Printed Valentine’s Day Chocolates : Valentine’s Day Bonbons

Believe it or not, modern brands continue to innovate in the world of Valentine’s Day bonbons. Sugar Lab, a Los Angeles-based “digital bakery,” offers two of his mouth-watering romantic chocolate flavors 3D-printed with a special patented technology. Consumers can choose between the Peppermint Mocha Valentine Bonbon and the Love Hearts Glitter Skull. Each set is available in sets of 6.

Peppermint Valentine’s Day bonbons are sweet treats filled with a peppermint-flavored “compressed cotton candy texture” shell and rich mocha chocolate ganache. Skull, on the other hand, boasts notes of passion fruit. For example, each unit can be placed in a glass of champagne, and upon dissolution the skull will leave a “gorgeous edible glow”.

Image Credit: Sugar Lab

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