219 tech firms sack over 68K employees in Jan, deeper layoffs coming

January started off very badly for tech workers. Globally in January, he laid off an average of over 3,400 tech employees per day, as big tech companies such as Microsoft and Google take part in the ongoing layoff season.

219 companies have laid off more than 68,000 employees so far in January, according to data from layoff tracking site Layoffs.fyi.

More than 1,000 companies will lay off 154,336 employees in 2022, according to data from layoff tracking site Layoffs.fyi.

Mass tech layoffs for 2022 continue into the new year. Episodes of layoffs are accelerating amid concerns of a global economic collapse and recession.

Most business economists predict that companies will cut jobs in the coming months, so 2023 will see even more serious layoffs.

Only 12% of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) expect their companies to increase their employment over the next three months, according to a CNN report citing new research. St. this fall.”

This is the first time since the early days of the Covid pandemic that more business leaders expect their jobs to shrink.

According to NABE President Julia Coronado, the survey results show “widespread concerns about entering a recession this year.”

With big tech companies such as Microsoft and Google participating in the ongoing layoff season, an average of about 3,000 tech workers were laid off per day in India and around the world in January.

The survey found that just over half of business economists see the risk of a recession next year at 50% or more.

Amid the layoffs, another piece of bad news, especially for Indian employees in the U.S., came when Google launched a program e-review management, a key step toward obtaining an employer-sponsored green card. (PERM) has been suspended.

Google has sent an email to its foreign employees, informing them that the tech giant has suspended new PERM applications, putting foreign employees at a standstill.

“Aware of how this news affects you and some of your family members, we wanted to inform you as soon as possible about the difficult decision to suspend new PERM applications. It will not affect your application or program.” An email from a company executive was read.

A Google employee posted an email on Team Blind, an anonymous social networking site for certified IT workers.

The PERM application is an important first step in the green card (permanent residency) process.

This process requires employers to demonstrate that they do not have eligible U.S. workers available for a particular role. This is a position that is becoming increasingly difficult for us to support given today’s labor market.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has several companies that are looking to find jobs, offer support for laid-off friends and colleagues, and cut workforces to navigate an uncertain macroeconomic environment, so it’s a great way to address career hurdles. is full of advice.

Some LinkedIn groups offer help signing retirement papers or connecting to a new job.

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