2022 Tech Layoffs Could Supercharge Smart Car Development

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is best known as the annual excuse to marvel at quirky gadgets. Volkswagen AG’s software division attended the show in early January of this year looking for another kind of technical product: software engineers.

The 58-year-old German auto executive turned his CES booth, a pile of colorful shipping containers, into a makeshift hiring hall with the words “JOIN US” emblazoned on the side. His unit, called Cariad, has increased its workforce fivefold to about 6,600 people since its inception in July 2020, and Hilgenberg hopes to hire a further 1,700 people this year. To attract attractive candidates, he took a liberal approach to remote work, using the English Cariad’s de facto language as a concession to an automotive giant built on proud German engineering. I made.As he said, Cariad’s goal Bloomberg Businessweek The reporter is “leveraging the talent and experience pool of American companies.” He used the show as a starting point for his recruitment campaign. “We don’t have more time,” he said.

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