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Looking for technology that blends into your minimalist decor scheme? Read on for today’s digest. These gadgets have a unique design that blends into your home.

If you like linear, simple and functionally decorated furniture, today’s roundup is for you. Featuring a minimalist and streamlined design, these products provide the functionality you need in your home and blend in with your decor. A unique gadget with a minimalist design that we ourselves want.

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Do you spend hours looking for technology that complements your minimalist décor? But there are minimal gems out there, and we’ve found 10 of the best below.From slim water filters to wall-mounted record players, there’s something to match your style.

1. The Gray Pant Crona ceiling light adds a minimalist glow to your living space and features both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Gray pants Crona hanging from the ceiling

Inspired by the phosphorescent envelopes around the stars, the Gray Pants Crona Ceiling Light combines diffused acrylic and spun brass for a stunning visual feast. You can group several together or hang them individually.

Available from $695 on the official website.

2. SwitchBot Smart Lock It looks modern in your entryway with clean lines and a simple interface. Plus, it works with popular voice assistants.

SwitchBot Smart Lock Product Video

With the SwitchBot Smart Lock, even door locks match minimalist interiors. Even better, open and close your front door via Hey Google, Alexa, Sirri, IFTTT and SmartThings.

Available on Amazon for $99.99.

3. Pentair Rocean The Reservoir Countertop Water Cleaner Slim design removes 76 contaminants from drinking water.

Pentair Russian The Reservoir
Pentair Rocean The Reservoir Dispense Water

Keep your drinking water clean with Pentair Rocean The Reservoir Water Cleaner. Its 390-gallon water filter removes lead, cysts, chemicals, etc. and works as needed. The design, on the other hand, is slim and clean, so we’ve created a list of unique gadgets with minimalist designs.

Available on Amazon for $249.

4. The Cleer Crescent 3D smart speaker features a unique crescent shape to create an all-in-one audio system that looks amazing.

Clear Crescent YouTube Video

Who says speakers have to look like speakers? Clear Crescent 3D Smart Speaker I don’t. A departure from the typical high-tech style, this speaker offers a 3D sound experience with beamforming technology and immersive audio modes. You can also work with Google Assistant.

You can get it for $699.99 on the official website.

5. The Spark One charcoal grill is probably one of the most beautiful grills out there. I love my insulated steel kettle.

10 unique, minimalist gadgets to have in your home
Spark One pottery

Looking for a grill to add to your patio decor? Check out the Spark One charcoal grill. Its minimalist kettle design adds functional style to your backyard. Plus, it features premium materials, easy use and cleanup, and a companion app.

Available on the official website for $1,099.

6. robin day digital clock It has a smooth shape. Best of all, it reminds you of the important event first thing in the morning.

10 unique, minimalist gadgets to have in your home
Robin Day Digital Clock with Photo Reminder

Choose a thoughtfully designed nightstand clock when purchasing a Robin Day Digital Clock. The buttons and interface are easy to use and you can create as many alarms, custom messages and reminders as you want. Meanwhile, it automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, which makes it one of our favorite unique gadgets due to its minimal design.

It is available on the official website for $99.99.

7. The Oscar Olsson TT-90 System Wall Mounted Record Player saves space and looks cool with a minimalist aesthetic.

Oscar Olson TT
Oscar Olsson TT-90 system on the wall

Enjoy your vinyl collection with the Oscar Olsson TT-90 System Wall Mounted Record Player. It actually mounts to the wall and takes up less space than a traditional record player. In addition, you can connect it to your smartphone for remote control.

For more information about this concept gadget, visit the official website.

8. TerraLiving Vertex ZERO (S) indoor moss walls are all handcrafted and complement the room with natural greenery.

10 unique, minimalist gadgets to have in your home
TerraLiving Vertex ZERO (S) on the desk

Every home needs plants.and we TerraLiving Vertex ZERO(S) Indoor Moss Wall A barely-there design that highlights the natural beauty of moss. There are 3 options, each with its own 3W TerraLight.

Available on Etsy from $310.

9. Briiv Air Filter sustainable air purifiers utilize natural materials such as wool, coconut and moss to filter the air in your home.

Plant-based breve air filter

Get an earth-friendly air purifier: Briiv Air Filter Sustainable Air PurifierUsing all-natural materials in our filters helps reduce the number of non-recyclable HEPA filters in landfills. With its slim profile, it is one of the unique gadgets with minimalist design.

It is available on the official website for $305.76.

10. The Evervue Qaio collection of smart mirrors adds discreet technology to your bathroom and connects you to your smart gadgets.

10 unique, minimalist gadgets to have in your home
Evervue Qio smart mirror in the bathroom

of Evervue Qio Smart Mirror Collection It has a minimal design coupled with cutting-edge technology. It has Alexa built-in and can connect to smartphones, smartwatches, smart toothbrushes, and more.

Available from $1,429 on the official website.

When choosing the unique, streamlined products on this list, make sure every gadget in your home fits the minimalist aesthetic.

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