10 Smart gadgets for relaxation to unwind your mind on a weekend

Weekends are the time to relax. Make the most of it with these smart gadgets for relaxation. From stress relief devices to games to help you relax.

The work week is intense. But when Friday night arrives, your time is yours again. Use it wisely, relax and unzip with these smart gadgets. Whether you want to relax with games, exercise, or meditation, these products can help you relax.

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Make your weekends even better with the Mirror Smart Gym. It’s packed with fun workouts to help you de-stress on your off days.

And of course, no game is good for forgetting to care. I love the WOWCube® system and the Retro Games A500 Mini for access to classic games.

Practice better self-care over the weekend with these smart gadgets for relaxation.

1. Neuvana Xen Stress Relief Device A pulse of vagus nerve stimulation helps relieve tension that has built up over the course of a week.

Neuvana Xen stress relief device and earbuds in use

Feeling burnt out by Friday afternoon? Relax with the Neuvana Xen stress relief device. Its earbuds send a gentle pulse to the vagus nerve to relieve stress and promote calmness.

Available on the official website for $449.

2. The WOWCube® system helps you unpack with fun interactive games and content tools you can take anywhere.

WOWCube® system product demo

Playing games is also a great way to clear your head after a long week.and the WOWCube® system Manipulate the digital world in three dimensions. Twist blocks to complete puzzles and other games.

Pre-order for $299 on the official website.

3. Nurosym resynchronizes the nervous system and restores nerve function after a stressful week of deadlines.

Nurosym neuromodulation device in use

Reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression and stress with the Nurosym neuromodulation device. Send targeted signals that alter your mental and physical state to improve your health. Even better, it can improve your memory and learning abilities, making it one of our favorite smart gadgets for relaxation.

Available on the official website for around $717.

4. Solace’s vibroacoustic speaker can be hugged, and when you hold it, the low frequency vibrations are transmitted to your body.

Solace vibroacoustic speaker in use

A simple hug can help relieve stress and anxiety. Solace vibroacoustic speakerDesigned to be hugged, this speaker sends soothing vibrations throughout your body to help you relax and sleep better.

Available for pre-order for $165.

5. With the Retro Games A500 Mini Classic Home Computer Replica, you can relax playing 25 classic Amiga games like Worms, Alien Breed and more.

Retro Gaming A500 Mini Classic Home Computer Replica

Relax and play retro games with the Retro Games A500 Mini Classic Home Computer Replica. It transports you to the 1980s, the heyday of 16-bit personal computing. Forget your modern worries with 25 classic Amiga games.

Available on Amazon for $138.99.

6. Mirror Smart Interactive Home Gym helps you de-stress with over 10,000 fun and invigorating fitness classes from world-renowned trainers.

Mirror smart interactive home gym in use

Get rid of anxiety and stress with another of your favorite relaxation smart gadgets. Mirror smart interactive home gymIt features an extensive library of over 10,000 on-demand classes and new live classes every day. Get fitter and less stressed with this smart exercise gadget.

Available on the official website for $1,495.

7. Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Foam Roller Relieves body aches from sitting or standing at a desk all week.

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller in use

Whether sitting or standing at your desk, being in the same place all week can strain your body. Relax with the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Foam Roller. Three speeds and an easy-to-use design support your health and well-being.

Available on the official website for $149.

8. aLOOMI’s chic lanterns and speakers create a soothing atmosphere with candle-like appearances and speakers playing soothing music.

aLOOMI chic lantern and speaker product design

Create a relaxing atmosphere in your porch or living room with aLOOMI’s chic lanterns and speakers. The candlelight flashes to the beat of the music and plays audio from your device. Even better, it offers voice assistants.

Available on the official website for $159.95.

9. Flowtime bio-sensing meditation headband tracks heart rate, breathing, calmness, focus and more to improve your weekend meditation.

Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband in use

Improve your weekend meditation with Flowtime Biosensing Meditation HeadbandShow how your brain and body react through the app’s visuals. Verified lessons, on the other hand, help you learn the best meditation techniques. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best smart gadgets for relaxation.

Available on Amazon for $183.

10. Muse S (Gen 2) Meditation and Sleep Headband ensures a restful weekend thanks to digital sleeping pills.

Using the Muse S (Gen 2) Meditation and Sleep Headband

sleep well on weekends Muse S (Gen 2) Meditation and Sleep HeadbandIts digital sleeping pills feature helps you fall asleep again when you wake up. It then provides a detailed report of your sleep habits.

It is available on the official website for $399.99.

Relax and recharge on the weekends when you have these smart gadgets for relaxation. Do you own any of these products? How they work for you please tell me.

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